Tuesday, December 9, 2014

G&T 1: The Ethics of Autonomous Cars

G&T 1: The Ethics of Autonomous Cars

Patrick Lin's article on the ethics of autonomous cars was very interesting. I think the random number generator is the best option. There is a greater chance of getting hit by a self controlled car than an autonomous therefore people should not be risking their safety and buying unsafer cars because of the fear of one car model. I think this would cause more accidents and deaths on the road. With a random number generator a driver can buy whatever car they wish without too much of a fear. I think the motorcycle theory is a great example of why the random number generator is a fabulous idea. The autonomous car is going to hit which ever cyclist is wearing bulkier, heavier gear. The motorcyclist wearing a helmet. The problem with this is the same with the SUV vs Mini Cooper dilemma: If people wearing a helmet have a greater chance of getting hit with the autonomous car, less motorcyclist will wear helmets, resulting in overall ore accidents.

If the driver isn't in control of the car's actions, it should NOT be responsible for any outcomes. It is not their responsibility. The car company should pay a fine because in the end, they made the decision, not the driver.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Passion Project Update #2

So far in my Passion Project, I have been able to gather a great amount of information that I initially wanted to find. However, looking back at my proposal I've noticed there are a few questions that I want to have answered that I have not accomplished yet. I still want specific statistics and the best ranked programs and schools for students with disabilities. My mom has mentioned a potential interview with my brother's current Job Coach so I would like to get that in before I finish my project. I have started my actual prezi I would say it's around halfway complete, and I hope I can add more elements of my project, more tangible things. I don't want a generic presentation so I hope I can come up with a few elements to make mine more interesting for everyone especially because this isn't a very entertaining topic for most.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Passion Project Update #1

Welp, so far in my project I have been able to conduct an interview and have found new sources, for example articles, that I did no think of accomplishing in the first place! I have been able to set up an interview with the CEO of Bancroft, a home development for special needs adults, Lynn Tomaio. We have been emailing back and forth and am hoping to finish the interview with her this Friday. Recently, my mom has found a bunch of magazines and articles about the transition to adulthood. These have been a great contributors to my passion project. I also have found links with helpful information and have begun creating my actual 'presentation' . These past two Fridays, I have been able to check many questions and tasks off my checklist, but of course, more have been added as well. These next two weeks, I am hoping to conclude my interview with Mrs. Lynn, maybe set up a few more interviews with the job coaches here at Northern, and finish the bulk of my research! :D